Georgetown Manor   This 83 unit apartment property was purchased using a short term bridge loan secured by a free and clear 17 unit property. John coordinated the acquisition of the 83 unit property and subsequently arranged the sale of the 17 unit to fund the exchange which paid off the short term bridge loan. The client completed the tax deferred exchange and now owns an 83 unit property versus the 17 unit.
Spring Garden   John represented this client by selling their two separate properties and combining the sale proceeds into the purchase of a single larger investment property. This transaction enabled the buyer to focus and simplify management efforts on one location.
View North   This property was owned by three siblings who had different investment objectives. The first sibling exchanged into an all cash apartment purchase, the second sibling obtained a new bank and purchased an apartment property and the third sibling did not conduct an exchange but kept the cash.
Marshall House   The Buyer and Seller each had a property they wanted to sell. John facilitated the match of this buyer and seller as they uniquely wanted each other’s property. John Kennedy coordinated the direct exchange between the two owners so that a developer obtained vacant land and a recently retired owner shifted non income producing land into income producing property.
Royal Gardens   The ownership of this property was from the original development. After thirty years of ownership, John assisted this owner in the sale and exchange into separate properties. The buyer of this property also was conducting an exchange.